This message entails a few IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS like: (1). GOD PROMISES TWO PERSONS TO REIGN IN JERUSALEM FOREVER: – This question is answered in “[Verse 74-80 on this chapter] on my blog.” If God promised two persons to be His eternal rulers, is God crooked like He is cunning like the devil, or do these two persons represent some characters in the kingdom of God?

(2). A COMMON VIEW BY ALL THE CHURCHES: – Yeshua (Jesus) will be using the HOLY SPIRIT to JUDGE the world. But the answer to this question can be found in “[Verse 81-86 on this chapter of my blog].”

If this is the case, that many Churches believe that the Son will use the HOLY SPIRIT to judge the world, and JUDGMENT begins in the house of the LORD, whereby the Church is the house of the Lord. Then there must be someone on the ground to begin JUDGMENT.

Yeshua (Jesus) will not set foot on earth at His (2) SECOND COMING, so he cannot begin judging the world from heaven! Please read the blog and give your review of it, and we will appreciate it. Best Regards.