THE ORDER OF EVENTS: Before Yeshua (Jesus) returns on earth THE (2) SECOND TIME, the ANTICHRIST (SON OF PERDITION) must be revealed, for the ANTICHRIST (SON OF PERDITION) will have to sit in the temple of God showing that he is God

137. This means that the TEMPLE OF GOD must be built in JERUSALEM before Yeshua (Jesus) comes THE (2) SECOND TIME), so that the ANTICHRIST (SON OF PERDITION) should sit on it showing himself to be God, “(2 Thessalonians 2:1-4).”

138. But who will build the LAST TEMPLE in JERUSALEM? It is the nation of ISRAEL who will be RESTORED, that they may build THE LAST TEMPLE in JERUSALEM, for ISRAEL must end SIN, INIQUITY and TRANSGRESSION by walking in God’s JUDGMENTS and observing His statutes before Yeshua (Jesus) comes THE (2) SECOND TIME.

139. Yet ISRAEL will not be RESTORED unless the GENTILE Church is restored, first. So that the GENTILE Church will teach the nation of ISRAEL RIGHTEOUSNESS, for it is written, “(Judgment begins in the house of the Lord 1 Peter 4:17).”

140. And now JUDGMENT will be done by DAVID THE PRINCE who comes to rebuke the lies of the DEVIL in the GENTILE Churches, by making all the ALTARS OF STONE; Churches, Mosques, Synagogue, all Shrines, to be like His writing testimonial object because of their lies, “(Isaiah 27:9).”
In my book the RESTORATION Chapter 3:136-140.

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This message entails a few IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS like: (1). GOD PROMISES TWO PERSONS TO REIGN IN JERUSALEM FOREVER: – This question is answered in “[Verse 74-80 on this chapter] on my blog.” If God promised two persons to be His eternal rulers, is God crooked like He is cunning like the devil, or do these two persons represent some characters in the kingdom of God?

(2). A COMMON VIEW BY ALL THE CHURCHES: – Yeshua (Jesus) will be using the HOLY SPIRIT to JUDGE the world. But the answer to this question can be found in “[Verse 81-86 on this chapter of my blog].”

If this is the case, that many Churches believe that the Son will use the HOLY SPIRIT to judge the world, and JUDGMENT begins in the house of the LORD, whereby the Church is the house of the Lord. Then there must be someone on the ground to begin JUDGMENT.

Yeshua (Jesus) will not set foot on earth at His (2) SECOND COMING, so he cannot begin judging the world from heaven! Please read the blog and give your review of it, and we will appreciate it. Best Regards.


This (1) FIRST message is an introductory message to my blog, highlights include specific exact times of the coming of Yeshua (Jesus) including His (1) FIRST COMING, His (2) SECOND COMING, and His (3) THIRD COMING. Then much more details are included in the other chapters.

You can share this message with your Church friends for their review them, because it is a very controversial message, and I know that other peoples opinion may count. The message is my conviction, and I know that I could be wrong in my writings, but I really tried to use the scriptures appropriately. Best regards to all brethren. Amen!