Look here people of God because this is a fact! Our UNITY in the CHURCHES should be based on the TRUTH and only the TRUTH! For your information, Know that Yeshua (Jesus) did not begin these many CHURCHES! Yes, it is a FACT that our master begun only one CHURCH, and GENTILES like CORNELIUS were also included in the first CHURCH of the APOSTLES “( Acts 10:1-48 )?”

QUESTION: So where did all this many other CHURCHES DENOMINATIONS come from? This is now your food for thought. You will find some answers hidden inside our BLOG MESSAGES as you continue reading our BLOG POST. Amen…

One more thing though! It is very hard for the CHURCH to convince the world out there that there is one God with our CHURCH confused status. Therefore since we are so CONFUSED, how will we convince the SCIENTIST, ATHEIST, FEMINIST, HOMOSEXUAL, LESBIAN, TRANSGENDER; that the Bible does not contradict itself?

To them, it seems like the Bible is contradicting itself, and those are the GRAY areas in our CHURCHES divisions that are causing more harm out there than good, so there is a very urgent need for us in the CHURCHES to do something about this matter. Get in touch with us for a more progressive interaction. Amen!

Now, our main objective in our mission is to bring unity among the many CHURCHES DENOMINATIONS, including all the RELIGIONS; if God will allow it. Yes, we are hoping to do so by using a single path of TRUTH found in God’s word, a message from the one TRUE God, the one who is a Father to all of those who are in Spirit, “( Ephesians 4:4-7 ).”

This way we will be able to condemn the DEVIL who brings confusion among the CHURCHES. Yea, this is the only way that BABYLON will be destroyed, only by the actual TRUTH found in God’s word.

Therefore, our messages are meant to be seen, read, reviewed, and judged by anyone willing to reason openly; using facts that can be found in God’s word. And so in our program, all CHURCHES DENOMINATIONS, and all RELIGIONS are welcome; to share their views about our messages that they have read, that we may reason out facts together, for it is even written:

16. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.
Hebrews 13:16.

We all know that it is very hard to share our personal views with strangers. Yes, it is very hard to be very open-minded with those with whom we are not well acquainted; openly telling them our personal views. And that is what God calls this a SACRIFICE that He loves, simply because when you engage with strangers with whom you are not in agreement, telling them your thoughts and opinions as if they were your trusted brother or sister, that is taking a risk. After all, your faith is in God. Amen!

That is the reason why everyone is welcomed on this page, to give their personal opinion about anything they have seen written on our page, and they can even condemn whatever they differ with on our page. But please take note that when you are condemning our messages, we prefer you to condemn them using clear facts that will correct whatever we have declared that might be wrong…

And yes, you are also allowed to recommend whatever you agree with on this page! We are doing this so that we may have a healthy discussion like intelligent humans who are not arrogant like beastly animals in the wilderness. So we encourage you to reason out facts that we may engage together, as we continue building our study in agreement with actual TRUTH; without trying to turn away from the reality of the TRUTH. Amen!

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