==== WHAT WE ARE: –

MY BIBLE ANALYSIS is a page to analyse the Bible in depth, and we do not set the rules because our rules are the exact contents in the Bible. I mean, we stand by the PRESENT TRUTHS that are being revealed as they are, and we stand to be corrected in case we wrongly interpret a Bible message.

Presently there has been this narrative about the VOICE of God, and many Christians think that discerning God’s VOICE depends on some powerful discernment powers, something like a superior VOICE in the VICINITY OF THE AIR.

Yet this is what our master Yeshua (Jesus) declared, “(Everyone who is of the >>> TRUTH HEARS MY VOICE <<< John 18:38).” In other words, the VOICE of God is the TRUTH, and our master Yeshua (Jesus) is actually THE TRUTH, who is also THE WORD, and so all the SAINTS should look unto Him as the WORD and not look unto the doctrines of men! 

In other words, whatever is written is what should matter to the SAINTS, and not really what MEN are teaching. Some men will even go to the point of advise others to stay away from the ANTICHRIST who will try to unite the Churches, but they are telling you this on what basis? 

I tell you, Yeshua (Jesus) prayed that we should be one, and some are against UNITY among the Churches! Aren’t these people themselves the devil who rules by using the CONFUSION of BABYLON, for it is written, “(that they all >>> MAY BE ONE <<<, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; >>> THAT THEY ALSO MAY BE ONE IN US <<<, that the world may believe that You sent Me John 17:21).”

The is a fact, our UNITY is based on the TRUTH, for Yeshua (Jesus) did not begin many Churches. We all know that our master begun one Church, and GENTILES like CORNELIUS were also included in the first Church of the APOSTLES “(Acts 10:1-48)?” So where did all this many other Churches denominations come from? This is now your food for thought, and you will find the answers written inside our BLOG messages. Amen…

Another important matter is that it is very hard for the Church to convince the world that there is one God in the Church. With this confusion among the Churches, how will we convince the SCIENTIST, ATHEIST, FEMINIST, HOMOSEXUAL, LESBIAN, TRANSGENDER, etc, that the Bible does not contradict itself? To them it seems to be contradicting, and those are the GRAY areas in our Churches divisions, so there is a very urgent need
for us in the Churches- to do something about this matter. Amen! 


Michael Oduol Ochieng the f
ounder of MY BIBLE ANALYSIS  had some difficulties in understanding some doctrines in our Churches, and that is when he begun doing a research on Churches denominations. For when Michael begun shopping for the right Church, or rather one that is fully in TRUTH, he found something written in the scriptures which condemns our divisions, for it is written: 

4. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; 
5. one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 
6. one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Spiritual Gifts: –
7. But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gifts.
Ephesians 4:4-7. 

Therefore, when Michael was on his research on Churches, he discovered that when you switched churches, then the new Church would request you to be baptized again. This is because your new Church believes that doctrines from your former Church are sinful doctrines, and you are a sinner who cannot enter into the KINGDOM OF God to gain God’s TRUTH – in order for you to understand His KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM according to that Church conviction…

Well, that is not what is written in God’s word, for there should only be one Spirit for the whole Church body, and one baptism, one faith; without any confusion. So it is either we sit down to reason together that we may RESOLVE our problems, according to what the Apostle Paul declared in the passage of scripture, “(Romans 14:13).” So now that we know that THE VOICE OF GOD IS THE TRUTH, then we should know that we will all be CONDEMNED because we are all not genuine to seek THE TRUTH when we seek this kinds of divisions. Amen!


Our main objective is to bring unity among the Churches denominations and all religions, God willing. We are hoping to do this by using a single path of the TRUTH in God’s word, who is one God, the Father of all, one Lord, one Spirit, one Baptism, one hope,
“(Ephesians 4:4-7).”

This way we are able to condemn the devil who brings confusion among the Churches. I tell you, this is the only way that BABYLON will be destroyed, only by the actual TRUTH in God’s word.

So our messages are meant to be seen, read, reviewed, and judged by any person who is willing to openly reason out facts in God’s word, by declaring all its messages as they are. Therefore here in our page, all Churches denominations, all religions, etc; are welcome to share their views about our messages that we may reason out the facts like it is written:

16. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.
Hebrews 13:16. 

We all know that it is very hard to share our personal views with strangers, and to be very open to those whom you are not well acquainted, in a very open mindedness, telling them your views openly, is very hard. That is what God calls a SACRIFICE that He loves, because when you engaging a stranger whom you are not in agreement, telling them your personal thoughts and opinions as if they were your trusted brother or sister, that is taking a risk, though your faith is in God. Amen! 

Yes, and that is the reason why everyone is welcomed in this page, to give their own personal opinion about anything written here, even to condemn whatever they differ with. But we prefer you to condemn whatever you have read in our page, with your own clear facts to correct whatever we have declared.

You can also allowed to recommend whatever you agree with, and all this is done so that we may have a healthy discussion like intelligent humans who are not beastly animals. So we encouraging you to reason out your facts that we may engage together, as we continue building our study in agreement with actual TRUTH, without trying to turn away from the reality and real facts. Amen!

>>>>  Please consider our request before you read our message. Thank you… <<< 


Now, what brings all the unrest and troubles in this world is confusion, caused by BABYLON. BABYLON is a system that is pioneered by the master of lies known as LUCIFER (SHINING ONE).

But now if you agree with our messages, to spread the gospel of PRESENT TRUTHS, we would like to seek your help in doing things in a NEW WAY. We are kind of preaching the gospel in a certain way that is so effective, and also very interesting… Amen! 

First of all, WE ARE NOT GOING TO SELL OUR MESSAGES, NOR DO WE TAKE ANY OFFERINGS AND DONATIONS BECAUSE OF OUR MESSAGES, even though we may have a © COPYRIGHT that restricts anyone from using our messages without our permission…

Yes, we offer our convictions and revelations on this blog for free, and also anywhere you may see our messages published, you will find them for free. Yet we are willing to pay you to share our messages with your friends and relatives, etc.

But our request is for any volunteers who would be patient enough to go through a STEP BY STEP process in our project, in order to succeed in helping us with some other projects that we are working on. Click on the link below for more information:


So our program is not a guarantee repayment for your support, or a get rich quick scheme. And that is the reason why we are at the mercy of those who understand words like help, support, and volunteer, much more better.

In other words, please don’t demand anything from us in case we do not succeed in rewarding you, for the main focus here is the PRESENT DAY TRUTH messages that we are preaching, being revealed and shared to the world by understanding. Amen!

you can now click on the  ” “>>> SHOW <<<” ” button on the left side of our page, to find our messages on our “” >>> blog post page <<<.”” You are all welcome. Amen!




  1. Black Lives Matter – Donate
    Why We Need Your Support
    As our ecosystem grows our financial support system must grow as well.
    We need funds to continue our radically accessible commitment to providing healthy food from Black owned businesses, paid childcare at every event and having ASL interpreters at our monthly gatherings.
    On average, our monthly open houses attract 3000+ people and costs us $100,000.
    We need to raise $ 350,000 by November 3 to help thousands of black people in a very bad situation right now, we will be glad if you support us.
    For quick payment, we use bitcoin wallets. You can transfer donation to this Bitcoin wallet – 12B6eCHqPVQeR8wyTTMoWQqNeTpxqeq7wk
    Secondly, we need resources to make sure we have the emotional and spiritual capacity to show up and move forward in the movement as our highest selves.
    Supporting the work of our healers including renting space weekly for Black people to process racial stress through group discussion, dance, and visual art and
    affirming our humanity & love for each other by starting our week with joy via #BlackJoySunday (all while creating accessibility by offering free childcare)
    is essential in sustaining our well-being and activism. Our weekly healing spaces cost on average $30,150/month.
    We need to raise $ 350,000 by November 3 to help thousands of black people in a very bad situation right now, we will be glad if you support us.
    For quick payment, we use bitcoin wallets. You can transfer donation to this Bitcoin wallet – 12B6eCHqPVQeR8wyTTMoWQqNeTpxqeq7wk
    Lastly and most importantly, we need funds to support the emerging leadership of our ecosystem move through the world.
    As Black people in a city facing the ravages of displacement and economic disinvestment, it’s difficult to do the work of liberating your community while figuring out how to pay rent and feed yourself.
    We need your help to ensure that lack of gas money or health insurance doesn’t stop the work from moving forward. Supporting our emerging leadership, including our rapid response,
    organized resistance, healing and logistics teams, reimbursements and stipends costs on average $20,700/month.


    1. Matthew Gak,

      We do not believe in BLACK and WHITE, but in all humanity. This issue about BLACK LIVES and WHITE SUPREMACISTS is what brings problems to the world. So the most thing that we can do is advise people according to their problems, and rebuke them because of either their stupidity or something, but we do not support such matters. Amen!

      It is not even godly that I single out my LUO TRIBE to go and begin telling them things aside, trying to force my agenda to the world. That means that I am a HITLER who declared that ASSYRIANS are the superior race, and because of that he killed JEWS. Or even WHITES who were calling blacks names and judging them according to their color and status.

      Think of what you are doing, it is stupid, and less of intelligent. You are not progressing forward in anything, but just creating permanent enemies because some know how it all started. In fact, they went ahead of you to do those bad things, and you are like a child that needs training from them, to be RACIST.

      For a fact, stupid, you are not as armed as the WHITE MAN, let us just begin opening up to your foolishness. So you would be stupid to think that you can incite BLACK PEOPLE towards anything against WHITE SUPREMACIST, or whatever. Secondly, why does God trust the WHITE MAN with AUTHORITY over all the other RACES?

      And if you do not believe in God, then why is NATURE favoring them? They have allowed you to air your voice, because just the other day you were their prisoner. This means you are stupid to try and trample their achievement, because perhaps that is just the reason why NATURE did not agree with you BLACKS and ARABS and whatever, in the first place, stupid, so start thinking. Amen!

      Best regards from,

      Messenger Michael.


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